She lies encased in quality wood
Silently near her plaster paw
The one refused yet delivered gratis
Her silence pervades peace
Her presence felt in each dust-laden corner

Documents complete in a legal envelope
Ostensibly closing a chaper,
Thirteen plus years
Now finalized in ink, signed, dated
But what about her hold?

My mind’s eye embraces her gait
Her eyes, her closeness
The courtyard still carries her scent
The car window yet smudged with anticipation
Her ominous approach held by those unknown

Time, the cliché, took her away
Physical malady too powerful, too insidious
To allow my selfish possession
Natural progression stole her from me
Physically, but she’s here

I miss her smiling at the door
I miss her hogging the bed
I miss her running in the park
I miss her lifting my spirits
But mostly I miss the part of me that’s gone.


Ordinarily I enjoy winter
Shutting the door, enveloping the warmth,
Lighting the oven, pouring tea

But lately the chill leaves me barren
Memories yet painful
Over landscapes she once owned

The I look down to see this spotted interloper
Stretching her body, looking me in the eye
Searching for acceptance
Asking me to give her a chance

Knowing she’s not a replacement
But another spotted miracle
God sent humans to love
And I know Spring cannot be far behind

This poem was submitted by Angela Avitia to honor the memory of Annabel Lee (Annie)

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